What is OSP?

UW OSP is a stream of the MSA whose main mission is to support orphans from around the world. Along with supporting orphans, we hold several campaigns to aid vulnerable communities, such as flood relief and water well development. We rely on the UW community, and host a variety of exciting fundraising events for you to be a part of! 

How is the money to sponsor orphans collected?

The OSP raises money for orphan sponsorship through a combination of on-campus cash and debit donations, the uwosp website, and through online crowdfunding platforms. We currently work primarily with Islamic Relief (IR) Canada (https://www.islamicreliefcanada.org/) for the orphan care projects so all money we collect for orphan sponsorship is sent directly to IR Canada.

What is the cost of sponsoring an orphan?

The cost of sponsorship depends on where the orphan lives, as classified by Islamic Relief. The cost ranges from $50 to $75 per month and the minimum period of sponsorship we accept is one year. For more info visit: islamicreliefcanada.org/what-we-do/orphans/sponsor-an-orphan/

How many orphans are sponsored through the OSP?

Currently we are sponsoring 9 orphans on a yearly basis! We have committed to sponsoring these children for as ling as IR Canada deem them in need of it. Additionally, we sponsored 12 orphans for a year in Jordan in Fall'22 term and 10 orphans for a year in Kenya and Somalia in Spring'22 term.

How can I help the cause?

If you would like to individually sponsor an orphan for a year or longer, then please contact us! Otherwise, you can donate any amount on our donation page through WUSA or our website. All donations will go directly to sponsoring our orphans, unless stated explicitly otherwise. 

Who can join the OSP?
Everyone is welcome on our team!
Are tax receipts provided? 
Tax receipts may be available for certain fundraisers. Contact us for further inquiry on specific donations.